About KDA

KDA is a global public company with a mission to power healthcare’s digital transformation.
KDA offers technological and operational efficiency solutions for both the general and specialized health sectors.

Breathing new life into our healthcare system

Since 2009, KDA’s mission has been to safely and securely drive the acceleration of digital healthcare transformation worldwide, for both patients and the professionals who care for them.

A leader in the booming niche markets of health technologies, KDA anticipates the growing needs of a market that is in full transition.

Formerly known as AlliancePharma Inc.(TSXV:APA), the company went public in 2015.

KDA has enjoyed sustained development since its very beginnings. It first increased its North American presence in pharmaceuticals, then communication and medical training, and ultimately developed innovative technological solutions for health systems around the world.

Our vision

Already recognized for its in-depth understanding of its milieu’s realities, KDA aims to become an essential world leader in health care and services optimization through:

  • The development of advanced technological platforms

The pillars of our growth

Technological excellence

We clearly position innovation as our organization’s driving force. For our teams and our business partners, we select, develop and upgrade cutting-edge technologies that perform superbly, both in terms of data quality generated and cybersecurity standards.


A global solution

Our teams pay attention to every detail, while always taking into account the global nature of our solutions. In addition to meeting both the current and future needs of general and specialized medical professionals, our products and services have an international reach and adapt to the realities and regulatory frameworks of a wide range of markets.

Continuous improvement

Our development, based on high-performance and robust technological foundations, continues to speed up due to rigorous performance measures. Our artificial intelligence-based systems capture and analyze feedback from users and managers. These post-tests provide valuable information about the practicality and performance of our solutions, allowing us to continually anticipate future developments.



At KDA, people always come before machines. That’s why we continuously conduct deep research into the user experience of our solutions and the technologies. We promote participatory design at every stage of product and services development, and we constantly raise our security standards in order to protect our information and that of our partners.


Our executive team

Stable, experienced and united, KDA’s management team is ready to make the necessary decisions to achieve its objectives and pursue the company’s growth through innovation.

Connected to the international health market, it knows how to mobilize its expert resources to stay at the forefront of its industry in terms of customer service and the development of effective and safe solutions.

Marc Lemieux

Marc Lemieux

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

“Our industry is at a crossroads, and our innovative products are rapidly carving out an enviable place in the market. Our priority is to continue to deploy our solutions and to develop all of our technological platforms internationally.”


Isabelle Bégin

Senior Vice President

Michael W. Kinley

Chief Financial Officer

Amélie Lafontaine

Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer

Marie-Ève Raymond

Web Marketing Coordinator


Jean-Pierre Robert

International Market Development Advisor

Stéphane Côté, Pharmacist

Professional Development Advisor


Join an experienced international team pioneering the development of innovative solutions that are revolutionizing global healthcare systems.