KDA Group is a leading solution and service provider to the pharmaceutical market.

Founded in 2009, KDA Group (TSXV:KDA), formely known as AlliancePharma Inc. (TSXV:APA), has been publicly traded since 2015, and formalizes its name change on January 25th 2017.

KDA Group began with organic growth. But after its decision to go public, the company’s growth strategy turned to acquisitions, leveraging its strong operations and results. Its sales have since grown significantly.

KDA Group is an alliance of companies involved in all aspects of the patient’s experience. We believe every patient deserves the best care. To achieve this goal, we’ve established more sound practices and a more efficient system through evidence-based health care, added-value products and services, and patient-centric solutions. KDA Group sets a new standard in the fields of medical education and pharmaceutical services.

The company’s goal is to become a leading solution and service provider to the Canadian pharmaceutical market. KDA Group has positioned itself as a strategic partner in pharmaceuticals.


A leader in pharmacy staff replacement services, Alliance Pharma offers both professional services and continued medical training to its team of replacement professionals.

Campus Élitis is an ongoing education business specializing in online and in-class training for pharmacists and pharmacy technical assistants, that also offers human resource and crisis management consulting services.


Elitis has gained prominence in the field of substitute pharmacists, continuing education programs intended for pharmacy professionals and technical assistants as well as schedule and human resource management. Elitis vision is to provide a broad range of private health services required to meet the needs of the community, in a context of scarce resources, within a stringent ethical, professional and personalized framework.

Logistik Pharma is a company that specializes in pharmacy re-engineering through optimized work organization and comprehensive patient care. These integrated optimization processes aim to improve the quality of pharmaceutical services to patients while increasing profitability.

LiV is an agency dedicated to professional medical and pharmaceutical training.

Elixir420 offers four technological platforms exploited in Canada, constitued of software applications: Virtual Clinics, Virtual Pharmacy, eCommerce for orders of medical cannabis products and Counselling and training Services on medical cannabis products for doctors, pharmacists and patients.

Alliance Dentaire is a company offering replacement and training services dedicated to dental personnel.


KDA Group (TSXV:KDA) went public in 2015 out of a management desire to expand and diversify operations. Since then, the company has made several acquisitions that have accelerated its growth. Today, Groupe KDA is a leading solution and service provider to the pharmaceutical market.


KDA Group is the first patient service alliance offering advanced training to health care professionals as well as added-value drugs and services.




Our bold commitment means our values are more than just guidelines. They represent the 3 strategic priorities of our framework: innovation, integrity and client satisfaction.

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