Invest in the future

Since its 2015 IPO, KDA has maintained sustained
and measured growth. We maximize returns for our
shareholders without limiting the development potential of our
solutions and their marketing.

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Opening up every market

Determinedly in development and growth mode, KDA is stepping up its marketing efforts for its solutions (e-prescription, e-adherence and medical education) in order to capitalize on business opportunities in Quebec, Canada and internationally.


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KRx is accessible to 25 K dentists throughout Canada

With the Association of Dental Surgeons of Quebec (ACDQ) now endorsing the KRx platform (the only electronic prescriber adapted to dental clinics), the 3 largest EMRs in Quebec now offer this technology to more than 5,000 dentists in Quebec and over 25,000 throughout Canada.

KRx: a potential market of 4 billion prescriptions per year

In the United States, 85% of physicians use a prescriber in a 4 billion prescriptions (Rx) per year market. This generates estimated revenues of US$800 billion for EMR. Our smart KRx e-prescriber uses the latest advances in artificial intelligence and allows healthcare professionals to prescribe safely and fully informed in just 30 seconds.

Adherize+ wants to take on a challenge that costs the system $300 billion

In the United States alone, non-adherence is the cause of 25% of hospitalizations and costs the health system around US$300 billion. Each 1% improvement in adherence translates into additional revenues valued at US$4 billion for the pharmaceutical industry. Our Adherize+ technology offers pharmacies up to 35% recovery of lost revenue with no human intervention.